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How Can We Be Right With God?

"How Can We Be Right With God?" (Message 1 of 5 - "The Gospel According To Paul") by Pastor B

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He Got What We Deserved

"He Got What We Deserved" (Message 2 of 7) "Reconciliation" Teaching Series by Pastor B

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Growing In Grace – The Vast Ocean Of God’s Abundant Supply

Growing In Grace - The Vast Ocean Of God’s Abundant Supply - Teaching Series Message 5 of 5 - Christlike Ministries NWA

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7 Days of Thanksgiving – Not All Thanks Are Easy Ones

This is message 2 of 7 in the 7 Days of Thanksgiving series. It isn't always easy to write these messages. This was kind of a hard one to write, but the Lord is faithful. This is the latest message in the series titled "Not All Thanks Are Easy Ones".