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This Will Be The New Home Of The Christlike Ministries NWA Teaching Series Messages. From Now On You’ll Be Able To Find All Of Our Teaching Series Under This Heading. All Messages Here Are Original, Penned, And Authored By Pastor Bryan J. Kizer And Christlike Ministries NWA.

The Story of Easter–Day 3 0f 7

Study Scripture:  John 17;  John 18 Introduction: Yesterday we talked about abiding in Him, and we also talked about the Holy Spirit.  We talked about how that adds to the importance of the Resurrection, and that if there wasn’t a Resurrection the Holy Spirit never would’ve come.  So, […]

The Story of Easter–Day 2 of 7

Study Scripture:  John 15;  John 16 Introduction: Yesterday we began to talk about how Easter is about much more than the commercialization of  it would like you to believe.  It’s another one of those Holidays that’s used to sell greeting cards, many families once again will gather to eat either turkey […]

The Story of Easter–Day 1 of 7

  Study Scriptures:  John 13; John 14  Introduction: Today, we begin a seven-day series to take a look at what the real story of Easter is all about.  Is it about candy, colored eggs, Easter bunnies, and family dinners…or is there something more to this Easter story?  As […]