About Pastor Bryan

Pastor Bryan Kizer

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Bryan Kizer. I am the pastor and founder of Pastor B’s Ministry.

The call of God on my life came way back in January of 2001, but at that time I wasn’t ready or willing to surrender my life to the Lord and answer the call.  I originally started this ministry on Facebook under the name Christlike Ministries NWA, but last year God began to speak to me about renaming and changing things so that both of the blogs, and what I do on social media would be a little bit more reflective of the work God has done in, with, and through my life.

So, first I changed the ministry name from Christlike Ministries NWA to Pastor B’s Ministry because it the big ministry name felt a bit impersonal, and it really didn’t reflect the heart of what I was trying to do. A few years back I started a secondary blog, and just recently the Lord lead me to completely simplify that blog and going forward it will simply by known as BryanKizer.com, and this blog will simply be known now as Pastor B’s Blog.  The main ministry will always be my Facebook Page because that’s where it all began…as a Facebook page that I started because I originally thought I was just going to minister to a few friends and family members.

Since starting this ministry in February of 2012 God has taken this main blog to the shores or borders of 200 nations so what I look at as just a Christian blog has really become a world wide ministry, but to me I don’t look at what I do as a ministry it’s just me doing what God’s called and gifted me to do.

A few other things about me…

I am a husband to my wife, Tara. We’ve been married since April of 2011.


I am a father to my daughter, Elisabeth. She was born in August of 2013.
I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran.
Author of the book 7 Hebrew Words for Praise.

So, I think that’s about all I can think to share for now. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me. If there is anything else you’d like to know you’re welcome to send me an email at pastorbryankizer@outlook.com, and if you’re on Facebook you’re welcome to send me a friend request I’m there listed under Bryan Kizer.

Blessings & Grace;

Bryan J. Kizer (Pastor)

Pastor B’s Ministry

Encounter ~ Equip ~ Encourage

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