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Changes Are Coming


Greetings Everyone!
I wanted to take a moment to let y’all know about a few things gong on that I suppose I should share. I’ve begun the task of re-branding my ministry. It’s taken me 6 years to really understand what it is that I’m doing, and what I’m not. I feel like Christlike Ministries NWA was a good way to get started, but now that I’ve been doing this for a while it seems that a simple Pastor B’s Ministry is a little bit more reflective of what I do.
Christlike Ministries NWA sounds more like a religious organization then someone like me who is known mostly nowadays as Pastor B. I don’t have a church building, and I likely never will (unless the Lord says so). What I have are two Christian blogs and a Facebook Fan Page…and Twitter, Instagram and that’s about it. None of that screams “christian church” it really just says that Pastor B is a guy who loves Jesus who desires to use the ability God’s given him to write to glorify God…and hopefully what Pastor B writes encourages and equips those who read what he writes.
So, what has already been written under the Christlike Ministries NWA name will obviously stay, but going forward everything will eventually be changed to Pastor B’s Ministry. The main blog will always keep the domain name, but it will be called Pastor B’s Ministry from now on…and as soon as April 11th rolls around the Facebook Page will be renamed to Pastor B’s Ministry also. Pastor B’s Blog at will remain…and will be the blog that I write and post from more often.
I believe these changing will be good and will hopefully better reflect what I’ve been doing and what I will continue doing going forward. While I am making some cosmetic changes what isn’t going to change is the content. I will continue to write good, solid bible-based messages, and I will continue my mission of helping all of you who follow what I do to begin, develop, and maintain your relationship with God.
I hope you’ll stay with me. I believe that God is directing me to make these changes. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but I believe that making these changes will better reflect what I’ve been doing over the last 6 years.
I hope and pray for your continued prayers, patience, and support. I hope that you’ll continue to follow along, that you’ll read the posts, and most of all that you are having a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. I still consider all of you family, and from now on that’s what I’m going to call you…Pastor B’s Family.
The last thing I want to say in closing is…THANK YOU. Thank you to each and every one of you that has made the Christlike Ministries NWA Family (and now Pastor B’s Family) what it is today. If it wasn’t for all of you there wouldn’t be a need to re-brand anything because it’s likely there wouldn’t be a ministry to re-brand. If it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t have been doing this long enough to figure out what I’m doing is different from what I believed I was starting in 2012.
So…thank you. Thank you to every one of you that has put a check or money order in the mail. Thank you to every one of you that likes or comments or shares my posts. Thank you for an amazing 6 years, and thank you in advance for your support going forward. I am truly blessed with GREAT family members, and I hope y’all know that I really do love each and every one of you.
Blessings and Grace to you Pastor B’s Family ~ Pastor B

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