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Let God Prioritize Our Day

Message Scripture:

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Matthew 6:33 (KJV)


Good Morning Everyone.  Yes, I know.  There’s been quite the delay between message 1 and 2.  I don’t really have an explanation for you, but I do appreciate all of you that are still a part of the Christlike Ministries NWA Family. I keep thinking that I’m going to pick up the pace with writing messages, and that’s just not been the case this year so far. I haven’t really been doing much worth mentioning, but I know that I’ve gotten a bit off track with my writing and studies. I can say that I truly appreciate your prayers, patience, and support…and that I hope y’all will continue to do so. For now, however, let’s get back into this Christian To Do List series, and see what the Lord has to say about letting Him prioritize our day.

“Let God Prioritize Our Day”

Do you know why Jesus didn’t scold Mary for finding the one needful thing that Martha was too busy to find?  It’s because it’s at the Master’s feet that you find the direction and steps you need to take.  As I’ve mentioned many times, I believe the story would’ve been entirely different had both Mary and Martha started out at the feet of Jesus because it is at His feet that you discover His heart.  Jesus tells us that when we don’t abide in Him we can’t do anything, but when we abide in Him all things are possible. We all know and can in some way quote or paraphrase Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)…but the key to having Him direct our paths is exactly why Jesus says about what Mary found as the one needful thing.

You see, when we seek God first the Bible tells us all these things shall be added to you.  All of what things?  The cares of the world and other things that we are consumed with and by and seeking God about.  The things that Martha was running around trying to accomplish without having a right heart and motives and attitude.  Again, it’s impossible to read this story without knowing that Martha’s entire mood would’ve been different had she started out seeking God first.

Come on, friends, isn’t that how it works in our own lives?  Okay, maybe I can only speak for me. I can’t tell you how many times it feels like I’ve been beating my head against a wall because I thought that what I was doing I could handle on my own without seeking God first.  There’s at least a thousand times that I’ve done things without God’s direction that I realized too late that I should’ve sought Him to begin with, and as a result I have to seek Him for damage control.  Anyone with me now or am I still by myself here?  I mean, it’s okay. I’m not too spiritual to say that I don’t do Proverbs 3:5-6 or Matthew 6:33 to perfection.  That’s where we get foxhole prayers from…we do things without God and then we realize we’re in the middle of a spiritual battle…and all that could’ve been avoided had we found ourselves at the feet of the Master seeking Him first…but I’m the only one that’s ever been there, right!?!

Look.  I stumbled onto something in one of my previous messages that really has made me thinking about how I’m to conduct myself going forward.  I said that far too many of us (myself included) choose what we’re going to do for our career path without consulting God or asking Him what He wants us to do for a career.  We have all these goals with school, what we’re hoping to do or be when we grow up, we start down that path, but we never take a moment to stop find out what God wants us to do.  I know we do that because I did.  I thought about all kinds of things that I wanted to do or be when I grew up, but never once did I ask the Lord “what do You want me to be when I grow up.”, and much to my dismay none of my dreams or goals or plans worked out.  If they did the success was always short-lived, or I wound up feeling like I was in the wrong place.  The truth is…I probably have been in many wrong places simply because I never bothered to ask God what He wanted me to do…but when things went wrong THEN I asked God…but by then it was too late.  So many times I’ve done what I wanted to do, and then asked God what He thought of what I did.  I need to get to the place where asking God what He thinks first, and then doing what He directs or leads me to do by His Spirit.

Have I found y’all now or am I still preaching to myself?

You see, sitting at the feet of Jesus is the one needful thing because it should always be our starting and ending point…not a last resort.  Seeking Him before the poo hits the fan is always a better idea than waiting until the poo hits the fan. We…I would…save myself a lot of trouble if I would remember to simply allow God to prioritize my day, but in order for me to do that I have to make sure that my first priority in every day is spending time with Him at His feet.  I have to remember my conclusion about how different the story would’ve been had Martha started at the feet of Jesus…and applying that lesson and revelation to my own life.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can certainly do a better job of making sure my first priority is spending time at the Master’s feet so that in return He can priorities my day…how about you?

Let’s Pray:

Heavenly Father, I come to You today knowing that I, myself, can do a better job of allowing You to prioritize my day.  I come to You knowing that I can also do a better job of making sitting at Your feet not just a priority, but the priority of each and every day.  Lead me Lord today in Your righteous ways. Teach me Your ways and may I know You more and love you better with each passing day, in Jesus name I pray,

Final Word From Pastor B:

So, I’m well aware (as is everyone else) of the things that are dominating the news headlines today from a democratic nominee for POTUS that has been totally dishonest and a danger to the American people “cleared” of wrong-doing even though it’s clear that she broke the law.  Yet, she’s still being allowed to run for the highest political office in the world.  I have said everything I’m going to say about that, and what I have to say is that we as the Body of Christ really need to stop being cute and posting 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)…and start really doing what it says.  We, the Body of Christ, NEED to hit our knees before God, and plead with Him for this nation to return to Him.  We need to do it not as democrats or republicans or even Americans…we need to do it as the unified body of Christ, and we need to plead the Blood of Jesus over our land before we don’t have a land to plead the Blood of Jesus over.

Then there’s this whole black lives matter, blue lives matter, and I say this quote by Kim Walker, and that drew out the first and only thought that I am going to give about this subject.  It’s high time that we as the Body of Christ, again begin to look at the world the way God sees it, and NOT the way that society sees it.  When we look at the world we ought to see two groups of people…the same two groups of people who God sees when He looks at the world.  He doesn’t see black, white, brown, yellow, red, purple.  He doesn’t see gay, straight, or any of the other things that we see when we look around at society.  He sees neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, but what He sees is the same thing that we in the body of Christ need to see.


There are two groups of people who God sees.  The Jews (which is the Church) and the Gentiles (which are the unsaved).  He sees people either washed in the Blood of His Son or people who need to be washed in the Blood of His Son…and THAT is how we ought to people as well.  People who either know Jesus or need to know Jesus.  That’s it. I have often told you that the greatest piece of advice I ever received is that if I am going to be in ministry I have to be able to look beyond what’s in front of me…and that means I have to look beyond skin color, sexual orientation and tax bracket…and really SEE the person in order to minister to them.

So, it’s in that context that I say again what I said on Facebook in regards to the whole all lives or black lives or blue lives or unborn lives or gay lives or whatever lives matter…and that statement is this…

Here is what I suppose is Pastor B’s thoughts on all this…

The reason I say that all lives matter is because ALL LIVES MATTER to Jesus, and therefore all lives matter to me.

I don’t care if that makes you mad. I care that my heart is in line with my Master’s, and for the record EVERY person that leaves this world having rejected Jesus is lost not just for the moment but ALL of eternity.

My heart hurts for all the lives lost who never said “yes” to Jesus because they ran out of chances to accept Jesus and make Him Lord of their lives.

So…any life that perishes without Jesus is a tragedy, and that doesn’t matter what color or sexual orientation or whatever other dividing line people use…death doesn’t discriminate, hell doesn’t discriminate, and God’s grace, mercy, and love don’t discriminate.

When we realize that all lives matter because everyone is going to spend all of eternity in one of two places…that’s when we will love like Jesus requires us to love.

We simply MUST get past the surface of people…and look as Jesus does at their heart.  We must do like Dr. King says, and look at the content of a person’s character instead of the color of their skin.  You see, when we, as the Body of Christ, will do that…if we will learn to be like our Father and look at the heart instead of the appearance…that is when we will learn to see beyond all the things that society gives us prejudices against.  WE as the Body of Christ cannot be prejudice and still hope to minister to the world, and love like Jesus did.

That concludes the second message in The Christian To Do List series.  I promise to try to get message three written and posted a lot sooner. I love and appreciate all of you, and thank y’all once again for your prayers, patience, and support.

Blessings & Grace ~ Pastor B

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