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Where’s God On Your List.

WheresGodOnYourListCLMNWA Family,

As I was getting ready to call it a night I came across this post, and I heard the Lord say this again in my spirit. So, I feel like God wants me to keep asking this for a while. So, I’m going to. I don’t believe this question is just for me. I believe there are many of you reading this that have other things more valuable to you than Jesus…and if that’s the case then please stop saying your passionate for God. Please stop saying you’re pursuing the very heart of God if being intimate with Him isn’t the most valuable thing in your life.

Listen. I love my wife. I love my daughter. They both mean the world to me, but can I tell you a simple truth. If I don’t value my time with the Lord more than I value them then I am selling my family short. I can’t be a proper husband or father or even a proper person apart from being intimate with Christ.

So please understand that when I say what’s the most valuable thing in your life I’m asking because if you truly want to be intimate with God if you truly want to encounter Him in ways that you have never encountered Him before then you are going to have to place being in His presence in a place higher than you’ve ever placed it before.

God is standing on the porch of your lives just waiting to catch a glimpse of you coming up the drive so He can run to you and welcome you home…but YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE STEP TO DRAW NEAR TO HIM. God is looking for people who are tired of church as usual, and who are tired of waiting until Sunday morning to get in His presence again (if they put aside all they stuff they’re consumed with to get into His presence).

Come on friends. How in the world can you be satisfied with a little bit of God’s presence?  There’s a song we sang this past Sunday with the words “Deep Cries Out To Deep”, and it’s because the deep places of my heart are crying out to go deeper into my relationship with the Father. I’m not satisfied waiting until I get to church to be in the Lord’s presence. I want to be in His presence daily so that when I get to church I don’t have to muster up anything, and I don’t have to set aside the cares of the world. When I go to church I want to be there because I mean business with God, and because I get to share in His presence in a corporate atmosphere…and I want to see people’s lives (especially my own and my family’s lives) transformed by the power of God.

So, excuse me if it’s offensive to you that God’s presence is the most valuable thing in my life. He should be.  Listen, friends. I can’t even do the things on this list right if I’m not spending meaningful time at the Lord’s feet. I can’t be the husband or father or son or even the person I want to be if I’m not spending time at His feet, and the truth is over the last few weeks.  The awesome thing is that just one encounter with Him can be that Holy Spirit slap in the face you need, and it was just that this past weekend. I mean I was feeling the fire getting hotter just from the time of coffee and fellowship on Saturday afternoon.

Listen, I’ve said this before and I made people mad, but I don’t care. I am not interested in having a ministry. I’m not posting these things so y’all will think what a spiritual man I am. I couldn’t care less about all that anymore, but what I care about is being a man after the heart of God.  There is a power and anointing that comes from doing the one needful thing that doesn’t come from anywhere else…because when you make the decision to be more like Mary and choose to embrace the Father…He will embrace you…and that is how you can move from that place of fellowship and shake the world.  That’s what happened in Acts 2, and that’s what can happen again…but we have to desire it…we have to be hungry for it…and we have to place that as the most valuable thing in our lives or we’re only going to encounter God to the measure we desire.

I don’t know about you, but I want to encounter God in ways that I’ve never encountered Him before.  I want to experience the very real and tangible presence of God just as strong on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as I do on Sunday. I don’t want to be dry bones anymore.  I don’t want to be a smoldering fire for Jesus anymore. I don’t want to be lukewarm or in danger of being spewed out of the very mouth of God.  I want to be that one that opens the door and dines with Him.  I want to be the one that Jesus says to those around me “leave him alone for he’s doing the one needful thing”, and friends…that’s all.

I don’t want to just be ankle-deep or knee-deep or waist deep or chest deep or chin deep…I want to be saturated. I want to have God say of me that I may not have always done it right, but I was a man after His heart.  I may not have been the brightest or sharpest tool in the shed, but I had a heart for Him that made me usable for His Kingdom. This is why I write these messages…this is why Christlike Ministries NWA exists…it’s for HIM…and I know that as long as I’m doing what He desires and has called me to do He will provide and see to it that I never have to worry about money again.

So…I know I’ve asked this a lot over the last two days, but there’s a reason for it…and that reason is Pastor B is about one thing today…and that one thing is Jesus. I want to feel that tangible embrace of the Father…and I don’t want to wait till Sunday morning to feel it.

How bout you!?! What’s the most valuable thing in your life? Where is God on your list?

Good Night & God Bless ~ Pastor B

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