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CLMNWA March 2016 News

Happy March CLMNWA Family,

I know, I know.  We’re half way through March, and I haven’t really written a whole lot thus far, have I?  Well, part of the reason for that is that I’ve been working on things behind the scenes, and the other part is that I have to pay more attention to my little girl. Plus, as y’all know by now I don’t write just to write.  I know we have a series to finish up, and we’ll get to work on that this week.  I am working at spending more time at the Master’s feet, and I’ve found the more time I spend there the more I enjoy it.

But, we’re going to get back into the “Giving God First Place” series so we can wrap it up.  Then we’ll continue to go along as the Lord leads, and that’s about all I have to say about that.

The beginning of the year has been a wonderful time of watching my daughter continue to blossom, and being reminded of what a wonderful time we can have if we’ll be disciplined enough to just sit at the Lord’s feet more often.

The ministry viewership (as you’ll see) is still going pretty good, and I now have a brand new computer to pen these messages on (thanks to Mrs. Kizer).  Having this new computer has made such a difference, and it’s even allowed me to look forward to writing a little more than I already do.

The most important thing I can’t ever seem to stress enough is how thankful I am for all of you who are faithfully following along, praying for me, and that make up the Christlike Ministries NWA Family.

Blessings & Grace ~ Pastor B


Perhaps the biggest announcement I have is that I finally have reopened the bank account that I funnel money in for the ministry, and I am excited to let y’all know that you can now support Christlike Ministries NWA via PayPal.  There are two options, and I’ll leave those options between y’all and the Holy Ghost.

No matter which option you choose I also cannot stress how important it is that y’all begin to support Christlike Ministries NWA financially. Even if you can only do $5.00 a month it’s very much needed and necessary.  But what can I do with $5.00 a month, Pastor B?

Let me show you what just $5.00 a month can do…

$5.00 a month works out to be $60.00 a year.  The cost to have the domain is $26.00 a year, and if I am able to get Pastor B’s Blog a private domain name that will also cost about $26.00 a year. $26 + $26 = $52.00/year.  So, with just 1 person paying $5.00 a month to support Christlike Ministries NWA you have literally paid for my ability to renew my domain names every year.  That’s two bills I can pay with just $5.00 a month, and so no matter how small the amount might be every little bit helps a ministry (and family) like mine.  That’s $60.00 a year less I have to worry about, and it literally keeps both ministry blogs online.

As far as Easter goes I’m not really sensing that the Lord wants me to do an Easter countdown series, but there’s always a chance the Lord will give me a Resurrection Sunday message. So, as far as series go I am hoping to wrap up the “Give God First Place” series by the end of the month, and see what the Lord wants us to get into from there.

I’m also working on writing more of the spontaneous messages the Lord gives me over on Pastor B’s Blog, I’m also going to work on some exclusive messages for the CLMNWA Facebook Audience, I’m also tossing around the idea of doing some video messages, and possibly some live messages through Facebook and/or Livestream as well. So, as I mentioned I’ve been working on a lot of behind the scenes things, and as you can see I’ve also changed the look of the blogs.

So…with all that said let’s take a look at some of the important days we have in March.

Important Dates:

  • Sunday March 13, 2016Daylight Savings Time Begins (Spring Forward)
  • Wednesday March 17, 2016 – St. Patrick’s Day
  • Sunday March 20, 2016 – Palm Sunday
  • Friday March 25, 2016 – Good Friday
  • Sunday March 27, 2016 – Resurrection Day (Easter Sunday)

The Blogs Stats:

This is my favorite section of this newsletter because it’s here that we get to find out just what kind of outreach and impact is having upon the world, and the numbers don’t lie.

Christlike Ministries NWA is a world-wide ministry that’s reaching many corners of the globe. As I mentioned before, WordPress has changed the way I am able to view my statistics, and that means I have to change the way I share with you what God’s doing through this ministry.

So, instead of just giving you the total cumulative numbers I’m going to start giving you the month by month statistics.  I’m also going to do this by giving you the numbers for the previous month instead of the numbers I currently have because it will make it easier to understand.

So…let’s take a look at what God has done both since the beginning and what He did through February.

Christlike Ministries NWA Blog

With just under 400 views the most popular message this month was “7 Hebrew Words for Praise: “Shabach”, and with just over 2,000 views the most popular series on is still the 7 Hebrew Words For Praise series that is now 4 years old. This series continues to be the main draw to this ministry blog where they find over 400 Holy Ghost inspired messages.

For the entire month of February we had over 4,100 views by over 2,700 visitors…this is now our 7th month in a row with more than 4,000 views and our 8th month in a row of more than 2,500 visitors. By comparison of what I used to be able to see…with over 47,000 views alone the 7 Hebrew Words For Praise series is by far the most popular series, and with over 10,500 views alone the most viewed message is the final message in that series  7 Hebrew Words For Praise: “Tehillah”

The entire cumulative numbers of this ministry are amazing with almost 110,800 views by over 71,000 visitors world-wide and going back to July of 2015 we have month average of 4,285 views by almost 2,900 people a month.

This past month we’ve been read in over 80 nations…and I’m confident in saying that we’re still in the 190 – 200 range world-wide since Christlike Ministries NWA began.

  • Pastor B’s Blog
    • In February Pastor B’s Blog was viewed more than 70 times by more than 50 visitors.
    • With 6 views the most popular message in February was There’s Got To Be More.
    • In February we reached the shores of 13 nations that’s 5 more than we reached last month.
    • For a cumulative there have been over 750 views by over 500 visitors.

I don’t know about you, but this really is one of my favorite sections because this shows me just how much both blogs are growing. It’s amazing to see how many people I’ve reached, and as y’all know the most important number to me is that we’re reaching the shores of nearly 200 nations with the Word of God.

Pastor B’s Songs of the Month:

Being that Easter comes at the end of March this year I thought I’d share one song that has been on repeat quite a bit lately, and then make the rest of the songs of the month about Resurrection Sunday, Amen!?!

This first song is the one I’ve had on repeat a few more times lately…it’s called “The River” by Jordan Feliz.

The second song is by a group of people who collaborated on one of my favorite songs you’ve probably heard it on the radio as “By His Wounds” by Mac Powell & Friends

The third song is by a woman who has the voice of an angel and reminds us simply about the power of the Blood of Jesus in this song titled “Oh The Blood” by Kari Jobe

The final song of for the month is a song that reminds us of what Resurrections Sunday was for, and how we can become new creations as Hillsong sings the song “Beautiful Exchange”

The Final Word From Pastor B

Man, can y’all believe it’s March already!?!  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing in the New Year, and all of a sudden we’re two and a half months in to 2016.  We live in a day and time when time will literally fly by, and if you’re not paying attention I’ve found that you can literally lose days without realizing how quickly time is passing us by.

I believe that’s one of the reasons why God told me when Lizzie was born to slow down and adjust your priorities.  I also believe it’s one of the reasons the Bible talks a lot about redeeming the day or the time, and about how life is literally a vapor.

There was a video I watched not long ago by Francis Chan where he was holding a piece of rope, and maybe 6 inches of this rope was red while the rest was normal color.  What he said in that video (and I’m paraphrasing) blew me away.  He held the rope up to say that the short colored section is our life here on this side of eternity, and the rest of the rope was…well eternity.

Here’s the illustration that blew me away.  He said people are more consumed and worried about the short colored part (our lives here on earth) then they are about the other side of eternity.

Friends.  The Lord has put the phrase “blink of an eye” in my heart lately to remind me of what He said about how in the blink of an eye two will be walking in a field.  One will be taken the other one will be left wondering where the other one went.  It’s quite literal that the very next blink of your eye could be the last time you see this side of eternity.

THAT is why it’s important to slow down, and if you haven’t made Jesus Lord of your life to do that right NOW.  The Bible says today is the day of salvation because of the simple fact that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.  There are millions of people in hell right now that said “I’ll surrender my life to Jesus tomorrow”, and they left this world rejecting Jesus for the final time.

If you don’t know Jesus don’t pridefully think you can just wait until tomorrow…because it may very well be that tomorrow is your appointed day to meet Jesus either as your Savior or as your Judge. I don’t know about anyone else, but I prefer to meet Him as my Savior.

The most important part of Easter isn’t the ham or the church services or the bunny or the Easter baskets or anything else. The most important part of Easter is that Jesus died and rose again so that all of us could experience that Beautiful Exchange of His life for ours.

If you’ve never asked Jesus to be Lord of your life then why not take a moment to do that right now. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy all you need to do is simply say

“Dear Jesus, I want the assurance of knowing if I were to leave the world today I’d spend eternity with You. So, I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that what You did on the Cross was for me, and ask You to become my Lord and My Savior right now in Jesus name. Fill me with Your Spirit, and help me to live for You the rest of my days. Thank You for saving me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen”

If you said that prayer would you please write to me at, and let me know that you became a new believer? If you’ll do that I’ll do my best to help get you some study materials, and also try to help you find a good, solid Bible believing, teaching, and preaching church as well.

For the rest of you. Thank you all for being such amazing friends, fans, and followers. I know I couldn’t and wouldn’t have a ministry without y’all. Please take a moment to visit one of the two PayPal links, and if you use the PayPal.Me/christministnwa/25 link I’d like you to write me as well.

So, that about does it for the CLMNWA March 2016 Newsletter, and I look forward to doing this again in a few weeks. I love and appreciate every one of you.

Blessings & Grace ~ Pastor B

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