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Happy Anniversary CLMNWA Family

2Corinthians3_18Happy Anniversary Christlike Ministries NWA Family!!!

That’s right, friends. Four years ago today Christlike Ministries NWA was officially launched. It’s been quite a ride since then, and God has really done a lot in, with and through not just my life but Christlike Ministries NWA as well.

Most importantly, I wouldn’t have a ministry without the Christlike Ministries NWA Family. I’m so thankful for all of you that have clicked the “join” or “like” buttons, and have become subscribers at and

I can assure you that this is only the beginning, and that we’re just getting the foundation established. God has more that He wants to do in, with, and through this ministry.  It’s grown from just over 8,000 views in 2012 to currently over 100,000 views, and as you know the most important number to me is that we’re knocking on the door of nearly 200 nations.

When I started this ministry I had no idea how small my vision was, but I do now.  I originally thought I’d reach a few friends on Facebook, and that it would be fun to use my ability to write once in a while.  I thought that it would be a neat hobby to have, and that eventually like everything else I’ve done it would become a fad.  However, it’s become something much more than a hobby, and that’s a testimony to not only the power of God and His Word…but to you the CLMNWA Family as well.

I have recently started a store with  It’s going to finally give me the ability (I hope) to put something out there that is a product exclusive to Christlike Ministries NWA, and hopefully help bring some much needed finances to help me continue doing all the Lord desires of me to do through this ministry.  I know that one of the main things I want to do is upgrade what I can do right here on WordPress, I also want to be sure that Pastor B’s Blog has it’s own private domain name, renew the ministry domain name, and eventually I’m hoping to upgrade the desktop computer that’s penned over 400 Holy Ghost inspired messages.

If you’d like to know more about Christlike Ministries NWA Swag Store on Teespring.  Please visit:

Thank you all so much. Christlike Ministries NWA is not a hobby it’s my ministry, it’s my work, and it’s given me a way to give back a little bit to a God that has given and blessed me so much.  I want you to know that when I say thank you for your prayers, patience, and support I really mean it and I am really appreciative of all of you who have allowed me the honor and privilege of being able to sow and impart into your life.

Have a blessed day in the Lord and God bless!

Blessings & Grace;
Bryan Kizer – Pastor
“My love be with you ALL in Christ Jesus.”


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