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Same-Sex Marriage Statement

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This is my official statement regarding yesterday’s landmark ruling by the SCOTUS regarding same-sex marriage, and I fully expect to lose some friends and family members today because they think I’m standing in judgment of the people I’m called by God to love. I am not standing in judgment of them…I am not standing in judgment of anyone. It’s never been my position or job to pass judgment Lord knows I’ve done enough irresponsible stuff before and after I gave Him my life, but some will see my position as the rest of the world that stereotypes Christians.  If you have followed me for any length of time you know I’m always about loving the person, but that I’ve always held the position that loving the person doesn’t mean I have to compromise my convictions and love what they do.

After sleeping on it, I realize that no matter what I say some are going to hit the leave, unfriend, or unlike buttons…but know that no matter what you do…I will continue to stand upon the Word of God, and no matter what the SCOTUS says…they cannot change the fact that God is in control…and that the Word of God continues to come to life before our eyes…and the most important thing whether you stay or go isn’t what you believe about same-sex marriage…but whether or not Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of your life.  That has always been the number one priority of Pastor Bryan and Christlike Ministries NWA…doing our part to fulfill the Great Commission.  It’s always a joy to my heart to see people accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and add their names to the Lambs Book of Life, and it always breaks my heart to know that people leave this world every day rejecting Jesus with their last breath…which leads me right into my next point.

There is a day that is coming very soon when we will all stand before Jesus one day, and give account for our lives.  Some will stand before Him at the Judgment Seat of Christ, while others will see Him at the Great White Throne.  Remember Jesus told His disciples to rejoice over our names being in the Lambs Book of Life…the time to make sure you name is in that book is now because when your standing in front of Him, and it’s not…it will be too late to add your name to it.  I rejoice because the coming of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ draws closer every day, and my name is written in that book.  I hope, for your sake, your name is written in that book too.  So…whether you stay or go just know you’ll be seeing Jesus one way or the other…and you’ll either be with Him for all of eternity…or you won’t.  I know where I will be…and I hope that even if you leave the Christlike Ministries NWA Family…you will be there too.

Now…just so we are clear.  I don’t dislike homosexuals or lesbians.  I don’t have anything against the people who engage in that lifestyle.  I have long ago learned to love the sinner and hate the sin.  So, before you hit the unfriend button because you think I’m standing in judgment of homosexuals or lesbians…I am not.  However, I am not going to call something that’s a sin good or okay when it is not, and I’m also not going to compromise my convictions to appease the masses. I am greatly disturbed that so many in this nation feel like “love” won.  Love did win.  Love won before the foundations of the earth.  God is Love and therefore if you read the last page of the Bible you’ll find that in the end God wins…and so in reality I guess Love really did win…just not yesterday.

The hard part of making this statement is that I know many of you who leave will be good friends, family members, but God said that if I love you more than I love Him I am unfit for the Kingdom of God.  He also said that many of my friends and family would dishonor and disown me because I choose to stand with and honor God.  I’m well aware of the persecution that’s coming my way, and that I may in fact be made to choose to live or die based upon my beliefs…and for Christ I will gladly die. He died for me…the least I can do is die for Him.  You see, I just don’t want any reason for God to say that I’m not fit for the Kingdom.  My ultimate goal is that when I stand before Jesus I hear the words: “well done, thou good and faithful servant”, and the hope is that I’ll be able to take as many of you with me as I can.

You see the devil is trying to take as many people with him as he can too, and sadly even those who claim to love Jesus really don’t understand why same-sex marriage isn’t something to support…it’s something that should bring us all to our knees…and before you label me as a republican or conservative…I’m neither…and I am a child of the Most High God…and I am a citizen of Heaven.

I am not going to spend anymore time talking about this, and I will not argue with anyone.  My position is not up for debate because my position isn’t in or of the world my position is in Christ…and that’s the position in which I choose to remain.  As for me and my household…we choose Jesus over the world and the world’s system…and if that costs me your friendship…then so be it.  Please know that if you are rude, vulgar, or disrespectful to me or my family in any way you will be blocked from any further contact…so choose your words in any of your comments carefully…I will be watching.

So, if you choose to leave, please know that I love you and appreciate you for being a part of the Christlike Ministries NWA Family.  I hope that I will see you some day on the right side of eternity.  You see, the important side to be on has nothing to do with same-sex marriage, abortion, what you believe about the Confederate Flag, or anything else…the most important side that any of us can be is on the right side of eternity.  I am going to be on the right side of eternity…are you!?!

Thank you for your time, thank you for your support, and prayers.  For those of you who remain…I hope you’ll take the time to do like I am going to be doing, and pleading the Blood of Jesus over my family and this nation. There’s never been a time when it’s more important that we do like Dr. Billy Graham said for us to do in the feature photo of this message…and with that…this will be the last thing I say on this topic…because now everyone knows where I stand…and whose side of this topic I’m on.

It’s simple. I am on God’s side…always have been and always will be.

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

Blessings & Grace;
Bryan Kizer – Pastor
Christlike Ministries NWA