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Christmas Message for 2014


Message Scripture:

“For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father [of Eternity], Prince of Peace. [Isa. 25:1; 40:9-11; Matt. 28:18; Luke 2:11.]” – Isaiah 9:6 (Amplified)

Christmas Message for 2014

Dear Christlike Ministries NWA Family,

After taking some time to seek the Lord I’ve come to decide to make this the last message of 2014, and rather than write a formal message I thought I’d take a moment to speak from the heart.  It’s been a pretty busy time here at Christlike Ministries NWA, and it’s also been on my heart to really take the last few weeks of 2014 to seek the Lord…and so I can always use more personal time sitting at the feet of Jesus…how about you?

So, in exactly two months Christlike Ministries NWA will be celebrating it’s third year, and it’ll be the first full year I’ve been able to devote more time to the ministry…because I’m a stay at home dad for the time being also. Not only have I been able to spend the last year of my daughter’s life home with her just about every day, but I’ve also written and done a lot more with the ministry. Some of that work you don’t see here because I’ve done a lot to improve what I’m doing on Facebook with the Christlike Ministries NWA Scripture of the Day.

If you’re not a friend of mine Bryan Kizer – Pastor, fan of the Christlike Ministries NWA Facebook Fan Page, or belong to the brand new Christlike Ministries NWA Family Facebook Group then you’re not going to be able to see the work I’ve done with and through Facebook. Over on Twitter@ChristMinistNWA is one follower away from our first 1,000 followers.  Here at we have grown quite a bit to well over 100 subscribers, we’re reaching 180 nations, and have been viewed almost 55,000 times around the globe. God sure is good, and He enlarged my territory greatly.

As I said before if you’d have told me three years ago that I’d have a world-wide ministry without even leaving the great state of Arkansas I’d have laughed at you like Sarah laughed at God when He told her she was going to have a son…but that’s exactly what God has done. This is what keeps me humble…everything you see God has done.  I can’t claim any credit for anything other than that I sit in front of my computer and type out the messages you read.  However, it was God Who gave me the ability to write, God that has helped me to become a better writer one message at a time, and it’s God that inspires and breathes life into each message I write.  I play a small part in the bigger picture…and that bigger picture is God can and will do the same thing (if not greater) through your lives.

What is the key?  Getting out of His way.  There’s no “God is my co-pilot” in my world.  No.  God is the Pilot, and I’ve learned that He knows exactly where He is taking me.  He doesn’t need me to be a co-pilot or backseat driver.  He would just prefer I go along with the ride, and leave the driving and the destination to Him. So, as I draw 2014 to a close.  I can’t help, but to think about where I was just five years ago, and where I am today.  The interesting thing to note is that God has done all of what you see in my life in the nearly four years since I’ve been in Northwest Arkansas.  He’s taken me from plain old ordinary Bryan to being Bryan Kizer the Pastor and Founder of Christlike Ministries NWA.

I want to thank all of you for a fantastic year, and let you know that I don’t take any of you for granted.  I’m not the greatest writer, and I don’t have the greatest ministry.  I don’t have all the answers, but what I do have is a heart that loves God, love people, and desires to serve Him by doing what He’s called me to do through Christlike Ministries NWA.

Well, Christlike Ministries NWA Family.  I am not going to keep you any longer.  I just wanted to take a moment to speak to you from the place I’m best at speaking from…my heart.  I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  I am not going to be writing or posting anything new for the rest of 2014.  I’m going to be taking the rest of 2014 to seek the Lord in prayer and His Word for direction for my personal life, the Kizer family, and (of course) the coming year for Christlike Ministries NWA.

Thank you all for being a part of the Christlike Ministries NWA Family. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you that have hit the like, follow, and subscribe buttons.  There is no Christlike Ministries NWA without you, the Christlike Ministries NWA Family. Merry Christmas to you all.

Blessings & Grace to you.

Bryan J. Kizer – Pastor & Founder

Christlike Ministries NWA