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Father’s Day Message 2014








Good Morning, Again…

I guess God has one last thing for me to post today. I wrote this in a comment on another post, and was going to leave it…but the Holy Ghost had other plans because…well…once I post it I think you’ll understand why.

This is my Father’s Day message:

We don’t fully understand how to relate to God as our Father until we become one. I know that I always kind of thought I understood the Fatherhood of God, but I’m finding out that some of the greatest lessons God has been teaching me lately has to do with how little we understand our relationship to Him not as our Lord, not as our Savior, not as our Healer…but our greatest lack in understanding is how to relate to God as our Father…because of all the things we think we know about God we really don’t know, believer or understand that He really is our Father.

Most of us with our limited ability understand how to relate to Him only as God or Lord…but what we don’t and what I didn’t really understand is that the moments that really bless God the most are those moments when we relate to Him as our Daddy. And, until I became a father I guess in a way I wasn’t able to really understand that. I know that He wants an intimate, personal relationship with each and everyone of us, but until I spent the last six months developing that intimate, personal relationship with Elisabeth…I didn’t understand just how intimate and personal God wants our relationship with Him to be.

Friends, there’s a level of intimacy God wants us all to reach that has been reveal to me. I know for me personally, every time I hear Lizzie’s little voice say “da-da” it melts my heart in a way that no other name anyone calls me including the pet names my wife calls me can do. There’s no words to describe what that word coming from my daughter’s lips means.

So…here comes the Biblical application to what I’m saying…

The way we feel when our child looks at us and calls us mommy or daddy…that’s exactly the same way God feels. After all, we are all created in His image, and therefore if we’re created in His image it goes to show that the same things that touch our hearts in undescribable ways…touch His. So, maybe this is your first time hearing this, but believe me when I say that as our Father…God really does loves all the names we give Him, but when we relate to Him as Paul writes: “Abba, Father” which is the Bible’s way of us calling God “Daddy”…it blesses His heart more than any other name because that’s the kind of intimate relationship He wants with all of us…and how He wants us all to relate to Him.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Father’s out there, and Happy Father’s Day to the Greatest Daddy in the world!

Blessings & Grace to you.
Pastor Bryan
Christlike Ministries NWA