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Ministry Update – July 10, 2013



Hey there Christlike Ministries NWA Family.

It’s been a while since I gave you an update on the things happening here at Christlike Ministries NWA. So, I guess today would be a good day to do that…lol.

As of today we are almost to 700 followers on Twitter, nearing 150 fans on Facebook, and just got to 50 followers here on my WordPress site. I am excited that we continue to grow, and that God’s continuing to draw people to this ministry.

We’re nearing the end of our “Restart: Leading with Confidence” series, and the last message of that series will be message number 300. I can’t help but look back at message 1 and look at where I am now…and be in awe of how much God has helped me to become the writer I am today.

I know that my messages in the beginning were pretty rough reads, and now they’re getting better with each one I write…that just goes to show, friends that when we do what God has gifted us to do…not only will He bless it…but He will teach us, lead us, and help us to get better and better at it. I don’t know who that little encouragement was for…but if you’re thinking of using a talent God has gifted you with…just start using it for Him…and I promise you…He will help you to develop it and use it to bring Him glory, honor, and draw people to Him.

You know, ministry is about so much more than standing behind a pulpit preaching. God has given me a pulpit that’s much different…and that pulpit is right here on Facebook and Twitter…and no matter where it is that God calls you to the important thing isn’t how the Gospel is being preached…it matters THAT the Gospel is being preached.

I am looking to expand the ministry to Google+ as my blog posts already get posted to it. I am also looking to expand the ministry to an old revamped Social Network know as MySpace…yes…it is still around…and if it’s available we’re going to try to get on it to help spread the Word of God there too.

As you know, while I’m excited that the number of people following the ministry approaches 1,000 through various sites…the greatest joy to me is knowing that we’re over 100 nations that my messages have been read it. That’s awesome to me that people all over the world can read my messages and some are even used by preachers in those regions to teach their people.

Friends, God has done so much more with this ministry than I ever could’ve imagined. That’s our God, though. When I first began I thought that I’d minister mostly to my closest friends, family members, maybe people from high school, but I never dreamed that people in 100 nations would be reached…and that’s what is happening.

According to my WordPress page stats since February 25, 2012 the number of nations reached is 110. That stat is the one that humbles me the most, and also helps me to see that my vision for what I thought I was going to do with this ministry was way too small.

I have come so far since I started doing this, and I know there’s a long way to go yet. I certainly don’t know all there is to know. I still make mistakes, I still miss God, but I know that I am forgiven and loved. I know that He still considers me a son, and that He is still guiding me each and every day.

We’re also getting closer to the arrival of Elisabeth Sophia. Yet another blessing and chapter and challenge. I suspect that God is going to show me many, many things about myself as I attempt to be the best parent I can be.

In closing, I would like to ask you all to keep me and my family in your prayers. I’d like to ask you to please make sure to tell your friends and family about this ministry…and I hope that you’ll continue to be a part of what I think is one of the greatest families in the Social Media…the Christlike Ministries NWA Family.

I truly love you all, and am thankful and appreciative of everyone of you who had liked or followed, for everyone who interacts with me, and for those of you who follow along in the shadows as well…I know you’re out there…and I hope that you’re being ministered to.

Thank you ALL for your support. You ALL are an encouragement to me.

Blessings and Grace to you.
Pastor Bryan Kizer
Christlike Ministries NWA
“My love be with you all in Christ Jesus.” (1 Cor. 16:24) 



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