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Quest for Joy: Six Biblical Truths With John Piper – God created us for His glory

Scripture Reference:  Isaiah 43:1-7


Welcome to the first message of our new series “Quest for Joy”.  This series was put on YouVersion by John Piper.  We’ve had some pretty good messages and series when we’ve done something by Mr. Piper before.  So, I suspect that we’ll have just a good a time with this one both writing and reading…and applying what we learn from it to our personal relationships with God…Amen.

I’m excited to get into this series.  I know I can always use a lesson on how to add more joy to my life.  So, without any further delay…let’s get into today’s message.

Today’s Message  “God created us for His glory”

Before I go to far, I want to just stop and think about the title of today’s message for a moment if you don’t mind.  You would think that by the way people act that we were created to bring ourselves and one another glory, and we live like we believe that…don’t we?  I spent a great deal of time in our last series talking about how judgmental of other Christians we can be, and how it’s not our job to be judgmental…is it?

“God created us for His glory”.  Think about that, friends.  I was created to worship God.  I was created to serve God.  I was created to glorify God.  I’m an employee for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, I am a husband, an expecting father, and a son.  I am a former United States Marine, I’m the Pastor and Founder of Christlike Ministries NWA, and I’m the proud owner of a dog named Vinny.

As I look at that list, however, in the context of the statement I was created for God’s glory…I suddenly realize there is a whole lot of me that still needs to be crucified, Amen!?!  While I am here to do a good job for Krispy Kreme…the Bible is clear that I’m to do my job not for the purpose of man…but how?  To glorify God.  Colossians 3:23-24 say that I’m to do all I do as unto the Lord…that includes my job.  I’m not there to collect a paycheck, I’m not there to make Krispy Kreme look good, but I’m there to do what I do to bring glory to God.  In turn, when I do my job to glorify God…then He will make sure I’m promoted, prospering, and noticed by men…again not to bring me glory…but Him.

When I write these messages…it’s important for me to realize that no matter how many people like them or follow this ministry…I’m to do this all for God’s glory…not my own.  As a husband I’m supposed to treat my wife the way Christ would treat the church, and I’m the first to admit I fall short on that all the time.  All of my relationships are to be done as unto the Lord as well, and He will be the one to help me to build, develop, and maintain those relationship…for His glory.

I had no idea the message was going to go this way, but perhaps the best part of writing for the Lord is that when He has something important to say…like this right here…it’s okay to step aside and allow God to use the gift of writing He’s given me…for His glory.  Right now, He wants to talk about us making sure we understand that it’s not about us at all…it’s about Him and what brings Him glory.

Don’t you know that the best times and most joy I have in my life is when I’m doing things exactly the way God intends me to do them.  When I lose my joy…it’s because I’ve stopped doing things for His glory…and started doing what I think brings me joy and glory.  Anyone else notice that…or am I alone here?

Friend…you and I are created to bring God glory…not ourselves.  The more I do for my glory…the less joy I have, and the less God blesses what I’m doing (whether it’s being done out of love or not…because it’s not being done for Him).  The more I do for God’s glory the more joy I have, and the more God blesses what I’m doing because I’m doing it for HIM.

Listen to me.  When I started this ministry I barely had 10 people following me.  Now I have over 300 people following this ministry.  Why?  Because this ministry is about bringing glory to God…not myself.  I am thankful for all 300+ followers, but the one thing God told me when He called me into ministry I have never…ever forgotten…and it keeps me from becoming prideful.

I have a feeling there are some people in ministry positions who follow me, and need to hear this so I am going to make sure they read it and see it loud and clear.  Ready!?!


That’s right, friends.  I told you that one of the many times I read Peter’s encounter with Jesus at the end of the book of John that in one of those times I encountered God.  He spoke to me about how a pastor is called to feed and tend to the flock, and that’s what He called me to do. That’s when He also told me that to keep me humble that statement I just wrote above.  You aren’t my sheep, you don’t belong to my ministry…you’re God’s people and you belong to Him…and if you’re following this ministry that’s because He has entrusted some part of your relationship with Him to my care.  He’s trusted me to feed you, tend to you, and help you along your journey with Him.

So, I don’t know why I wrote all of that, but now that I have I believe God’s finished with that topic, and it’s time to really get into our message for today.  All of the above was 100% Holy Ghost inspired…and God ordained for me to write.  I don’t know who all that was for…maybe I was writing it to myself…but I think we all need to remember that we’re not here for the purpose of serving and glorifying ourselves…we’re here to bring glory and honor to Him…we are created to bring HIM glory…not our jobs, our families, or even our ministries…HIM…Amen!?!

Now on to the message:

“God made us to magnify his greatness, the way telescopes magnify stars. He created us to put his goodness and truth and beauty and wisdom and justice on display. The greatest display of God’s glory comes from deep delight in all that he is. This means that God gets the praise and we get the pleasure. God created us so that he is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.” – John Piper

Hmm.  Well, I guess maybe that was the message.  The message being that we are here to bring Him glory.  I like this statement here:  “God gets the praise and we get the pleasure”.  It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be able to use this ability God has given me to write.  It’s a privilege and a pleasure to know that He’s drawing you to this ministry.  It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be able to do this to help you to bring Him praise, glory, and walk with Him.

We’re here to magnify the Lord, and not ourselves.  We’re here to show the world they need Jesus…not that they need us.  We’re here because we’re created by God for God.  I don’t know about you, but I think that is a pretty good place to leave this message…and look forward to what God’s going to speak to us through the next one.


This is only the first message in this series, and if this message is any indication of what God’s going to be speaking to us about then I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.  In order to find joy…we need to understand our place in this world, and that our joy comes from fulfilling what God has for us to do.  We’re created to bring Him glory…and when we do that we get the pleasure of knowing we’re bringing him praise, glory, and honor.

For the religious I know you’re going to jump on this and tell us how we need to live holy lives, but we don’t bring Him glory by trying to live holy.  Friends, we are holy not because of anything we’ve done, but because of what Jesus did.  There’s no joy in trying to earn what Jesus already died to give us for free.  Trying to earn what Jesus did doesn’t bring Him glory…it’s an insult to Him…and furthermore…if we could earn what Jesus did…then there would be a reason for us to brag and glory in ourselves.

From the moment we confess we’re whosoevers that have called upon the name of the Lord…the only way we bring God glory is by learning who we are and what we have in Christ…and then learning how to put what we have on the inside of us on the outside for the world to see…so that they too will give God glory.

I am so excited about this series, and can’t wait to write the next message.

Blessings & Grace to you
Pastor Bryan J. Kizer
Christlike Ministries NWA
“My love be with you all in Christ Jesus.” 1 Corinthians 16:24 (KJV)

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