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7 Hebrew Words For Praise: “Zamar”

Scripture References:

  • Be exalted O Lord, in Thine own strength, so will we sing and praise (zamar) Thy power.” (Ps 21:13)
  • “Sing to Him, sing praises (zamar) to Him; speak of all His wonders.” (1Chr 16:9)


We are two messages away from wrapping up this series, and I believe that unless the Lord has other plans we may just wrap this series up today.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, and I hope that you have also.  It’s been informative, encouraging, challenging, rebuking, exhorting, and it’s helped me to look at myself.  It’s helped me to look at my worship of God, and it’s also caused me to stop looking around at others.

So, as we wrap up this series…I pray that you too have found this series to be what I have, and that you’ll agree with me that we all can do a better job at worshipping God.  We can also all do a better job at being glad that others are worshipping Him, and instead of making fun of them…maybe we might try to worship God like they are…and see if God will encounter us like He does them.

After all, the entire purpose of praising and worshipping God is to encounter Him and His presence…and if that’s not what we’re doing…then we’re wasting time.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go to church or turn on worship music and not encounter God or His presence…because it’s in His presence we’re changed and molded and conformed more and more into the image of His Son…Amen!?!

Today’s Message:  “Zamar”

Well, let’s look at what Zamar means, and how to say it…and then we’ll get off and running to see what the Holy Ghost would have to speak to us…Amen!?!

Zamar means “to pluck the strings of an instrument, to sing, to praise; a musical word which is largely involved with joyful expressions of music with musical instruments.


Zamar is not pronounced like the movie Harold and Kumar.  I have to confess I’ve never seen that movie, and I can further confess I have no desire to see it.  Remember on day one I told you that God’s strict with me about what movies He will allow me to watch.  I don’t know that this is a movie God didn’t allow me to see or if I just never had a desire to see it…but that’s not really the point of this message…but maybe someone needs to read that if God doesn’t allow you to do something He gives grace to someone else to do…don’t judge them by that.  What God does in your life is between you and God.  Likewise, what God does in someone else’s life is between them and God…and is none of your business.

We should never judge someone else’s walk with God by our own.  God has always told me that what He wants to do in my life is just for me.  He may want to do something entirely different in someone else’s.  He allows me the grace to listen to music like 3 Doors Down, but He may not allow someone else the same grace.  However, as I shared with you before…the one thing He will NOT permit me to do is force what He will or will not allow me to do on someone else. It’s none of our business when it comes to specific graces for things He allows us to do or doesn’t allow us to do, or things He will or won’t allow others to do.

You see, friends, God knows my heart, my life, and what He wants to do with, in, and through my life.  The things He doesn’t allow me to do hinder His plan for my life, and the things that He allows me to do have no impact upon what He allows.  If I do the things He doesn’t allow me to do…then it impacts my ability to hear from Him, to feel His presence, and of course it’s disobedience so I have to repent.  If I do or don’t do the things He allows me to do…it has no impact upon my relationship with God.

Anyways, I don’t know why I went on that little side journey, but let’s get back to Zamar, and how to pronounce it. Zamar is pronounced zaw-mar.  This is the lucky person who is gifted to be able to play a guitar, and other musical instruments.  This would include my best friend Jay Yates, another friend who is a fantastic worship leader in Jonny Hale (I’ve posted many of his songs on my pages), it also includes a ridiculously talented friend of mine named Kevin Hammond (I’ll include a video of him and his music so you know what I’m talking about), and the others who can pluck and strum their way…I have to admit I’m envious of anyone who has the ability to play a musical instrument because I do not possess that ability.

If there was one thing that I covet it would be that I wish I could play some kind of musical instrument successfully, but unfortunately for me…God did not bless me with the ability to be that coordinated.  I’m lucky that He blessed me with a half way decent voice to make a joyful noise with.  I certainly don’t have a voice for American Idol, but as long as I stay within my vocal range it’s tolerable.

I know, God loves to hear me sing praises to His name, and did you know that He loves to hear you do that too.  I am not lucky enough to have the ability to play any kind of musical instrument, but if you do…did you know that you can use that ability to worship God.  I know that a lot of the songs my friend Kevin has written came from playing around with chords and scales on his guitar.  Like this song here…Slowly Falling.  No, it’s not a Christian song, but it’s still a pretty good one.  I’ve no doubt in my mind that he was strumming and plucking along on his guitar…and as he did…I believe eventually the Lord will begin dropping the words of worship songs into his heart.  He used to play a lot of worship songs, and I’ve no doubt that eventually the Lord will draw him back to his roots.  I’m still going to support him and his music because he’s my friend.

My best man, Jay Yates found this out when he decided to go to school to become a worship leader.  He’s played the guitar and sang for many years, but recently having a chance to speak to him he told me that going to worship school has changed his life.  It shows because my wife and I saw him this past weekend, and he looks and sounds like a new man.  I know the things he left behind, and to see him full of joy and love is a testimony that I hope he will share with me…so that I can share it with you.  But, what I can share is that he left town a confused, hurt, broken man…and returned with such a peace in his heart that only comes from God.  He’s a new man…and it’s awesome to see what God can do to a surrendered life.

Friend, I don’t know you, but God does.  You may not have the ability to write like I do, but you might have the ability to play a musical instrument like I don’t.  What ever your talent.  Whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, playing an instrument, singing, cooking…it doesn’t matter what the talent…that’s your gift from God…and when you discover and surrender it to God for Him to develop…that becomes your gift to the world.

The more I write…the better I become at it.  It has become my ministry.  Whatever talent God has given you.  Maybe it’s more than one.  Maybe you can play and sing.  Maybe you can write and play and sing like my friend can.  Whatever your gift or talent is…if you’ll give it to God and ask Him to help you develop and use it to bring Him glory…He will.  I know this because that’s what He’s done for me with my writing.

No matter what.  The most important thing we can do is give praise and glory to God…because no matter what…He deserves it…and He’s worthy of it…Amen!?!


I hope this message was an encouragement to those of you who have been blessed with the ability to write, draw, paint, or whatever talent you have.  People make ministry too complicated, and I see questions all the time about what they think God wants them to do.  Friend, if you have a specific talent…that’s what you’re ministry is.

I know I used to think that the only way to minister was through the five fold ministry gifts…pastors, prophets, teachers, apostles, or evangelists.  Most of you know I’ve never set foot in a Bible school, but God spoke thru His Word that He called me to be a pastor.  He spoke through a former pastor of mine that I’d use my ability to write to minister to people…and don’t you know that’s exactly what my ministry is today!?!

What have you had God speak to you?  Did He give you the ability to sing?  Maybe you ought to see if you can be part of the church choir.  Did He give you the ability to play an instrument? All that’s required to minister is a desire in your heart to impact people for the Kingdom of God…and if you have a specific gift or talent…the key is giving it to Him to help you develop and use…He will…all you have to do is be a submitted, surrendered vessel…and you’ll be reaching nations like me.

Thanks as always for following along.  I hope this message was a blessing to you…and if you ever read anything you think will bless someone else…please feel free to share it…and point people in our direction.  I appreciate and thank all of you who follow us.  You’re all an encouragement to me.

Blessings & Grace to you
Pastor Bryan J. Kizer
Christlike Ministries NWA
“My love be with you all in Christ Jesus.” 1 Corinthians 16:24 (KJV)



3 thoughts on “7 Hebrew Words For Praise: “Zamar””

  1. Good morning, I was doing something on my computer this morning and somehow stumbled across your website. I feel that God is trying to tell me something. I do know that it wasn’t by coincidence that this happened. Everything happens for a reason so, this was predestined. Love and blessings to all. ITMNOJ


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