Teaching Series

The American Bible Challenge – Week 1 – Day 6 of 7

Today’s Scripture:  Luke 11:14-28


So far, I think this has been a pretty good series, and since it’s been so good I believe we’ll continue on with Week 2 when we finish this one.  So…that last message was a bit of a heart challenger wasn’t it?  Did anyone really take a moment to consider how or what you would be like if Jesus was actually at your dinner table?  I know I did…and I can promise you one thing…if Jesus was really sitting at my dinner table…I’d have to be honest enough to say…I’d definitely have my phone just long enough to take a picture to prove Jesus was at my table…but then…it would be put away…and I’d find myself like Mary…at the feet of Jesus.

Who knows to be honest.  I don’t think I’d be able to do anything other than want to sit at Jesus’ feet.  I’d probably want to take a picture, but I don’t know that I’d be able to.  I think I’d just be in awe and enjoy Jesus’ presence…but I can promise you one thing…there would be NO distractions.

So…today’s message is titled:  “The Finger of God”.  I suspect this is going to be awesome…so without any further delay…let’s get into it.

Today’s Message:  “The Finger of God”

I don’t have very strong fingers. I used to be able to palm a basketball. I can probably poke an eye out with my index finger, thanks to my extensive research into The Three Stooges. My pinky is useless, except to hit the a-q-z-p letters on this keyboard. Balled together, my fingers can gang up and make a fist, but individually they’re pretty pitiful.

I guess I can relate to this.  I have stronger hands nowadays because of my time working as a professional mover, and operating a furniture delivery service. However, I do realize that my fingers by themselves aren’t very strong, but I too have seen my fair share of Three Stooges episodes.  The most work my pinkies get are when I’m typing…but I would tend to agree that my fingers probably aren’t strong.

The Bible personifies God by assigning attributes to Him. You can find references to God’s eye, arm, ear, nose, hand, mind, even His backside (ask Moses).

Oh…what I wouldn’t have given to be like Moses that day…and got to see God pass me by.  The sweet thing is that God used His own hand to shield Moses’ eyes because He knew Moses wouldn’t be able to see the full glory…but what an awesome moment that must have been.  I know whenever I’m in God’s presence now it’s just amazing, but to actually have God physically pass me by would be something that I can probably only dream of.

But let’s just look at how powerful just His finger is!

I just felt a need to stop right here for a moment to say that there’s nothing that compares to the power and what God can do just by lifting a finger.  I’m excited about taking a look at the power of God’s fingers…but I just wanted to stop and insert my commentary that I know that there’s more power in God’s finger than one thousand watts of electricity…nothing compares to the power of God…and I think we all need to be reminded of this so that we reverence Him a little more than we do…Amen!?!

In Exodus 8, the magicians could not reproduce the plague of gnats with their trickery. “It’s the finger of God,” they cried.

With just God’s finger He caused the plague of gnats, and no one could reproduce what God did.  Imagine that.  All the work of satan available to the magicians, but what God did with a finger couldn’t be reproduced by none of the magic or spells.

In Exodus 31, God wrote the commandments on two stone tables with His finger! I can’t even get a pen to work sometimes and God’s writing on stone!

Well…that will certainly give you pause and cause to think…won’t it.  God wrote the Ten Commandments with His finger in stone.  I’m pretty sure there’s no way possible anyone or anything can reproduce that.  I know any time I’ve drawn my finger over stone I usually come away with scratches, and the only thing that I leave on the stone is blood.

Then there’s the point the writer of this devotional makes…a lot of us have troubles getting our pens, “smart” phones, and computers to work let-a-lone trying to write something on stone with our fingers.

Anyone else been or found success writing on stone with your fingers?

In Luke 11, Jesus says he can drive away demons with just his finger.

Ha.  I’m gonna maybe be a little gross here, but I think most of us are adults here…and can handle this illustration.  Anyone ever flicked a booger off their finger?  That’s the picture I get of Jesus with these demons who think they’re so great.  With a flick of His finger…they’re gone.  Can we be honest here?  I suppose this might be more information about booger flicking that you’d want from a Bible study message, but here it goes.

Anyone else ever had to flick their finger more than once to get the booger off their finger?  Come on…don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  I am sure that there are many of you like me who clean their nose with their finger some times.

But, I get this picture of Jesus just looking at these demons, and with a flick of His finger (probably His pinky) He just shood them away like we would a fly.  I get this picture of Jesus never being the slightest bit worried, or stressed out about any of them.  In fact, I know there’s a lot of the demon casting out that’s recorded, but there’s a lot that isn’t either.

Don’t you know the truth is that we have that same power and authority?  I’m being serious here.  We have the power and authority the name of Jesus.  You know…I’m not sure exactly where it is…I believe it’s in Isaiah where we’re going to get to Heaven, and be shocked that someone so small gave us so much trouble.

But all Jesus needs is a finger…and all we need is the name of Jesus…and we’ll get the same results Jesus got…Amen!?!

With just a finger, God can create the most incredible miracles and turn an entire nation around. With just a finger, God can write the most profound summation of laws that have been replicated in our law books even today. With just a finger, God can defeat his most persistent enemy.

God can do a lot with just a lift or flick of His finger.  Don’t you know that same power is available to us through the name of His Son?  Jesus said ALL authority had been given to Him because He went to the depths of hell and took the keys and authority from satan…and then just like He did in the garden…He gave the authority back to us through the use of His name.

Friends…I’m going to close the message right there…but there’s one more point from today’s message left.  I like it so much that I thought it would be a great way to end this message.  That point?

Do you need the finger of God in your life? You can pick a finger, any finger. It really wouldn’t matter as long as it’s His.


There’s songs about the mighty hand of God, but few speak of the power of God’s fingers.  After this message, I don’t know about you, but it gives me a whole new reason (not that I needed anymore reasons) to be in awe of our God…and thankful for even just the Fingers of God…Amen!?!