Teaching Series

The American Bible Challenge – Week 1 – Day 3

Today’s Scripture:  Exodus 39


Haven’t gotten much feedback from this series, but like I’ve said before.  Even if I have to write to myself…I’m going to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost because He’s the One who is inspiring me to write these messages in the first place.  So…I’m going to continue to allow Him to lead and direct us in the direction we’re to go.

I believe the two messages we’ve done in this series are pretty good, and I’m always of the belief that the Holy Ghost knows the direction we need to go because He knows who needs to be reached by what we’re writing, and studying.

I know yesterday I really enjoyed that message, and I even went back to read it myself.  I hope today’s message is just as good as yesterdays…and in order to find out if it’s gonna be or not…let’s get into it…Amen!?!

Today’s Message: – “In the Name of the Lord of the Rings”

We skip over these sections all the time during our Bible reading. Those chapters in the Old Testament, especially Exodus and Leviticus, that have to do with the tabernacle, the priestly garments and the dimensions of the utensils for sacrifices.

Who cares, right?

I have to be honest.  There are many areas of the Bible that I’ve yet to read or really sit down and study, but I’m certainly not one who has believes that there are meaningless things written in the Bible.  I am one of those who perhaps blindly by faith believes that everything written in the Bible is in there on purpose, and even though I may not have studied or read every single verse of Scripture…I don’t believe anything is in the Bible by coincidence.  If it’s in the Bible…the Holy Spirit had a purpose for it being there…otherwise I don’t believe it would be.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to God’s Word it’s hard for me to imagine that God would waste time speaking something to someone if it wasn’t necessary to be written.  So, even if it’s the boring genealogy or tabernacle stories whether I find it entertaining or not is irrelevant…what matters is that we look to see what the purpose was for everything that’s written.  I’m not a theologian, and I certainly don’t believe I’m going to wind up going through seminary to learn ever single verse or study the Bible line upon line, but as I said I believe it’s all the Word of God.

I believe all 66 books of the Bible are inspired by the Holy Ghost, and it doesn’t matter if it’s David, Moses, Paul, or John it’s all in the Bible because it’s true.  I don’t believe that what’s in the Bible is true because it’s in the Bible…I believe it’s true because it came from the very mouth of God.  So…while I may not find certain parts of the Bible entertaining or be too good at discerning why certain things are in it…I still believe it’s absolutely true…because God spoke it…Amen!?!

Apparently God did. When God wanted His people to design a place for worship, He didn’t ask them what they wanted to do. Why? It would probably be cheap, with cost-saving measures and a shrinking budget. The people would say things like…

• “Bronze is just as good as gold.”
• “Why are we spending so much money on this project?”
• “Who cares about these little details? Let’s focus on the bigger ones.”
• “What’s an ephod, anyway?”

We cut corners because we think it’s the wise thing to do, but when it comes to worshipping God, we should never cut corners. God deserves the best we have, all we have, from the biggest to the smallest detail.

You know.  We talked about the burning bush yesterday, and I think part of the reason so many Christians are waiting for the burning bush experience is because they have this thought that God is going to ask them what they think as though He would even need our counsel or input.

I have read some of the accounts of the tabernacles, and what I’ve found is that God is very specific as to how they are to be built, what they are to be built with, and that they are to be built with the highest quality, the most skillful craftsmanship, and what the point of all of that was is simple…it was to honor the Most High God.  Our God is priceless and of the utmost quality…and therefore the places of worship were meant to be built to show that…and don’t you know and I believe that if it were left up to them to decide how to build it they most certainly would have cut corners, and leave out important details.

You know.  We’re always told that we ought to give God our first-fruits, and our very best of everything.  We’re not to give Him the left-overs, but the very first of everything.  We’re to do our very best to do everything we do for His glory, and not our own.  There isn’t anything that we do that shouldn’t be done to the glory of God, but I’m just as guilty as anyone else of doing my job in order to get on a better pay scale…but the truth is I’m to do my work as unto the Lord…and allow Him to be the One to promote me.

I agree very much that we should NEVER cut corners when it comes to worshiping God.  I know what God’s done for me in my life so when it comes to worshiping Him…I cannot cut corners.  He deserves my very best because He gave me His…and He continues to give me His very best on a daily basis…so it’s only right that I give Him mine in return.

God even cares about the gold ring attached to the bottom of the shoulder piece on the front of the ephod, close to the seam just above the waistband (Exodus 39:20). Seem inconsequential? Not to God. He sees every detail and it all matters to Him.

One of the coolest things about having gone through Marine Corps Basic Training is that I have been brainwashed to make sure to pay attention to everything down to the minute detail…such as the illustration of the gold ring attached to the bottom of the shoulder piece of the from of the ephod.

It didn’t hit me till I have been out for a while, but a small example of the understanding of the attention to detail came from living on the other side of the fence from the San Diego Airport.  I noticed that by the end of Basic Training I was able to tell what company’s planes were taking off by the sound their engines made.  I could tell if it was a United Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and the reason I could is because their engines had distinguishing sounds.  Occasionally I’d hear one that I didn’t recognize so I would go to the window to try to see which one…and the next time I would hear that plane’s engine…I’d know what airline it was from.

However, the details that I had to care about as a Marine pale in comparison to the details that God knows about our lives.  He knows you down to the most intimate of details…like the numbers of hairs not just on your head…but your entire body.  He knows the ridges of your fingerprints, and every single strand of your DNA.  He knows the situations and circumstances you’re facing right now, and I can assure you that you don’t have to tell Him anything about them because He knows about every detail of your circumstances.

That’s how intimately He knows us, and that’s exactly the point of having such detail in the building of the tabernacle…even the gold rings.  If we want to be intimate with God we have to worship Him with all the details of our lives, and be willing to surrender every single detail of our lives.

He cares.  He cares about every single part of our lives.  There isn’t any part of your life that He doesn’t know about, and there isn’t anything that you’re going through that He doesn’t care about…because He cares for YOU.  You are valuable to Him, and the apple of His eye.

So…perhaps we should do like is suggested in the reading today:

To Him, that gold ring is precious. Maybe you should pay attention to it too.

What are the gold rings in your life?  You may think they’re no big deal, and you might even think that God’s too busy to be worried about them.  However, I can tell you that God isn’t worried about your situations or circumstances at all…He is the solution for them, and He’s already purchased your victory through the Blood of Jesus.

On the other hand…what are the gold rings that you can surrender?  Can you maybe find some time in your day to turn off the television to build Him a tabernacle of praise?  Time where it’s just you and Him?

Can I tell you that to God…you are a gold ring?  In other words…to Him you are precious…and maybe if you would treat God with a little more attention to detail…you’d find Him to be more precious to you…Amen!?!


What a neat message!  I really don’t have much to say in closing, but I really enjoyed this message.  It’s so much fun to be able to do this for the Lord, and learn while I’m doing it.  I promise you that I learn from my own messages, and I return to read many of them often.  I hope you do too.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.” (1 Corinthians 16:23-24)

Blessing & Grace to you
Bryan J. Kizer
Christlike Ministries NWA