Teaching Series

Why Read The Bible – Day 19 of 32 – Reflecting His ways

Today’s Scripture:  “15 I will meditate on Your precepts, And contemplate Your ways.16 I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word.”  Psalm 119:15-16


Today, we return to Psalm 119.  Immediately what I see is two points we’ve been talking about…meditation upon Your precepts and delighting myself in Your statutes, and nicely sandwiched in is a third point of contemplating His ways…and finally  a declaration to not forget His words.

These two verses are packed with good stuff.  Today’s message is titled “Reflecting His Ways”, but I have a sense that today’s message may not actually have much to do with the title.  We’ll see…but here we go.

Today’s Message:

No matter what we do we can’t get away from this word “meditate”.  We’ve seen it a few times, and what I’d like to suggest to you that this means that we’re to do a little more than just read our Bibles.  When you think of meditation, you think of someone sitting with their legs crossed doing this weird hum to clear their minds and get to this place of silence.  When you take the time to meditate upon something you give it your full, undivided attention, and you clear you mind of any and all other distractions to really chew on and think about something…and this is exactly the approach that we’re to have with the Word of God.  It’s not supposed to be something we read like the newspaper, but something that we are to really dig into, study, and that’s what this word meditate is getting at.

Remember the analogy of the school text books.  Now, maybe some of you weren’t the greatest at studying in school either, but the way we’re to study the Bible is the same concept.  Studying in school was meant to help us pass tests and quiz’s in the classroom, but studying and being able to learn the Word of God will enable us to pass the tests of life.  It will also enable us to learn how to reflect God’s ways in our lives. 

Remember how I said I’ve never read the Bible cover to cover?  I can’t.  I have purposely set down to read the Bible cover to cover, but what almost always starts happening to me when I do that is I start finding things that I’d like to study out, and since my Bible has references in the middle of each page it will lead me on what I described as a choose your own adventure kind of thing.  I love the Word of God, and I usually find that when I try to read nonchalantly read the Bible I can’t because I love the Word so much that I find I can read it that way.  So, what happens is I find stuff that I want to study out, and before you know it I’m off on what I like to call side-journey’s…and I never finish reading what I started out to read.  That’s meditating upon the Word of God.

Listen, when I sit down to really study something out in the Word I have three different Bibles, a notebook, usually my computer open to YouVersion or E-Sword, pens, highlighters, and I’m wanting to really dig into whatever topic it is that I’m trying to study…that is meditating upon the Word of God…and that’s the way that we ought to strive to study to show ourselves approved.

That goes along with the second point because I really do delight in the Word of God.  I enjoy studying things out, getting new and fresh revelation of something I may have read a hundred times…but this time it means something…and off on a side-journey I go to find out what and why it means something to me.  That is what these two verses are talking about.  I delight to meditate upon the Word of God because when I do that then I find things that I really like to chew on and contemplate…and sometimes I find myself amazed by what I’ve been able to maintain and remember.  I’m not a walking Bible at all, but the Holy Spirit will bring things to my remembrance when I need them.

It all stems from having a delight in the Word of God.  I love God’s Word, and it’s important to me.  It’s the foundation upon which I am working to build my life, and the foundation upon which Christlike Ministries NWA is built upon.  It’s the authority of Christlike Ministries NWA, and it’s the authority in my life. 

When you study and delight in the Word like that you do begin to reflect God because when His Word is in you it shows.  It comes out of you when you talk, you think about it, and that’s how you get to reflecting His ways.

Do you want to be more like Jesus?  Study the Word.  Meditate upon the Word.  Delight in His Word.  Contemplate the Word.  The Word of God is the single most important thing to us outside of salvation because it enables us to learn how to walk through life in a way that is pleasing and reflecting of God. 

What are you reflecting today?  Are you reflecting God or are you reflecting your favorite TV show?  Either way, you are reflecting something.  I don’t know about you, but I want my life to reflect more of God than of me or anything else…Amen?

Study Questions:

  1. Why doesn’t the Psalmist want to forget the Lord’s decrees?
  2. How big of a commitment does it take to study and reflect upon something?
  3. Why would you do such a thing?

Conclusion & Prayer:

Delighting, meditating, contemplating, and remembering the Word of God are all points in these verses.  What’s the point of all this anyways?  Why is meditation on the Word of God so important?  Why all this emphasis upon really studying the Word of God? 

My friend, I submit to you that the reason for this is because we are living in the perilous times that Paul wrote to Timothy about.  Our generation is seeing the fulfillment of Paul’s prophetic letter to Timothy, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out…until the rapture.

We have to have a renewed commitment to meditating and remembering and studying the Word of God because it is our only offensive weapon for the spiritual warfare and battles that lie ahead of us in the years to come.  We have no idea how much longer we have before that trumpet sounds and we’re taken away to be in eternity forever, but what we do know is that everything is declining and happening at an alarming rate of speed. 

So, I believe this is a timely series reminding us of the importance of knowing the true Word of God.  There are so many crazy, unbiblical doctrine’s being taught out there today that it’s alarming, ridiculous, and if we don’t really know God’s Word we will be in trouble because someone is going to teach something that sounds awesome…but there’s no power in it because it’s not from the Word of God.

Listen, I used to love Joel Osteen’s messages until I started to understand what he wasn’t saying, and when I hear the transcripts of his interview on Larry King Live that’s what sealed it for me in my mind that I no longer need to be listening to what he has to say because it’s lies from the pit of hell.  However, the only way I know what Mr.. Osteen is preaching is garbage is because I have an understanding of the Word of God that came from my own personal study and devotional time of it.

So, like I’ve said a few times in this series the time is long overdue for us to dust off our Bibles, pick them up, and start reading them.  Amen?

Father God, I really do love Your Word, and I pray that You would sink this message deep into the hearts of those who read it.  I pray, Lord, that the Holy Spirit would convict us when we stray from Your Word, and leave such a burning in our hearts that the only thing that will satisfy it is getting into Your Word.  Oh, that we would hunger and thirst for Your Word as the Psalmist.  Delighting and desiring to meditate, contemplate, and never forget Your Word.  Help us, Oh Lord, to have that desire for Your Word too…  In Jesus’ name…Amen & Amen.