Teaching Series

Why Read the Bible? – Day 9 of 32 – Truth of the Word

Today’s Scripture:  “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”  John 17:17


Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel like this series has been awesome.  The Holy Spirit had a few things to say during a couple of our messages that I still have to go back and read again.  Today, we get into talking about one of the characteristics of the Word of God…it’s truth.

Today’s Message:

Do you know one of the things that I love about the Word of God is it is an absolute true story book that you’re ever going to find.  It is 100% non-fiction.  There isn’t one thing that’s made up, fabricated, or that’s not 100% true.  Is there any other book that you can say that about?  I mean even some of the best history text books while they hold many facts…can you honestly look at a history book and know that everything written in it is true?  That’s what I love about the Word of God.  There isn’t anything that you read in it…and have to wonder if it’s true or made up…it is absolutely untarnished.  There isn’t a mistake, there are no facts that cannot be checked, and there’s never any hint at all that there’s the slightest fabrication in the Bible anywhere.

Do you know what that tells me?  If I ever need an absolutely honest answer about anything in my  life…I can find it in the Bible.  The Bible often describes itself as infallible, inherent, and incorruptible seed.  There’s no spots, no blemishes, and of all the translations through the years…it’s the only book that has NO typographical errors either.  Yes, some of the language of the Bible does bother the spell check, but in all reality…everything is absolutely perfect, right, and true about the Word of God.

So, Jesus said:  “Thy Word is truth.”.  Don’t you know one of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to lead and guide us in ALL truth.  So, really what the Holy Spirit does is lead and guide us according to and by the Word of God.  The Holy Spirit is never going to lead us to do anything that is in compromise or that doesn’t line up with God’s Word.  The Bible…everything the Holy Spirit does is according to the Word…in fact…if you read the creation account in Genesis…you find that the Holy Spirit didn’t move until God spoke.

Remember, the Bible said that the Holy Spirit hovered over the face of the deep.  Then what happened?  God spoke…and the Holy Spirit did what was spoken.  God said let their be light…and the Holy Spirit brought forth light.  God said let there be sea and sky…and the Holy Spirit brought forth sea and sky.  We can go through the entire seven days to see that God spoke…the Holy Spirit did.

So…friends.  Guess what happens when we speak the Word of God over our lives?  That’s right…the Holy Spirit does.  The Holy Spirit confirms the Word.  The Holy Spirit seals the Word.  The Holy Spirit and the Word of God go hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other…which goes back to the reason there’s a power outage in many of the churches across the United States…they have no Word…and because they have no Word…they have no Holy Spirit.  Basically a spiritually dead church is one that has turned it’s back upon the Word of God.

There may be spiritual manifestations in those churches, but I can guarantee you that it’s not the Holy Spirit.  I know this because the Holy Spirit never…NEVER compromises Himself to act independently of the Word of God.  So, if you’re in a church that isn’t preaching the Word, and there’s spiritual manifestations…then you may want to get out of that church as fast as you possibly can because the spirit that is in operation at that church is not from God.

So, the Word of God is truth.  You can always depend upon it to be honest.  It’s dependable, reliable, and…well…faithful.  Take a moment today to thank God for the Word of God…and thank God that His Word is…well…true.

Study Questions:

I’ve decided since no one actually answers these questions to just make them general study questions to either answer on your own or meditate upon.  Hopefully these questions will enable you to have a better understanding or maybe get you to think a bit more about what you read.

  1. Why is it important that God’s Word is truth?
  2. Why would His truth cause us to be holy?

Conclusion & Prayer:

It is important that God’s Word is truth because that’s how we know that it’s infallible, the we can trust it, and furthermore since God isn’t a man that He should lie…that should give us supreme confidence and faith in the Word of God that it’s always going to do that which it has been sent out to do.  It never returns void.  It never fails.  It never falls short.  The Word of God is an absolute in a world where people seem to think there are no absolutes.  So, when you hear someone say that…you can tell them there is definitely one absolute…The Word of God.

It’s not the Word that causes us to be holy.  It’s Jesus.  Our holiness isn’t ours, it doesn’t come from the Bible, and it doesn’t come by our own works or merit.  We are holy simply because Jesus is holy, and if you are in Christ then you are holy…and since Christ’s holiness is perfect…you can rest assured that no matter what you do or how hard you try…you’ll never be more holy…because your holiness has nothing to do with you…and everything to do with Jesus.

Well, tomorrow is the tenth day of this series.  It seems to be going pretty fast.  I’m enjoying it.  Maybe I’m writing to myself…but I am enjoying this series.  I am blessed to be able to do this for the Lord, and I know that He is getting the glory for each message I write.

Lord, thank You that Your Word is dependable.  It always accomplishes that which it is sent out to do.  You Word is never false.  You Word is never wrong.  It’s never blemished.  It’s never off or in error.  Your Word is perfect, Your Word is perfect, and I thank You that Your Word is something that we all can trust beyond a shadow of doubt.  I love You and I love Your Word.  All praise and glory and honor to YOU.  In Jesus’ name…Amen & Amen.