Teaching Series

The Grace of God – Day 2 – (Ephesians 2:8-10)

Probably the most well known, and quoted scripture about the grace of God is Ephesians 2:8-10. It’s also the most misunderstood passage of scripture because it speaks to the simplicity of God‘s grace. It also speaks to the fact that grace cannot be earned, or worked for…it is a gift.

I think if the body of Christ could grasp that grace is a gift that we would get out of this works mentality. Almost all Christianity believes that salvation is by grace through faith, but many Christian denominations believe God’s grace stops there.

There are many, many who teach that salvation is by grace through faith, but maintaining the Christian walk is by works. Paul taught that the works & grace we polar opposites, and that we walked with the Lord either by faith or by works…NOT both.

You can’t earn something that is freely given. You don’t earn gifts. You don’t pay a fee if someone gives you a gift.

If I walk up to you and give you a $100.00 bill then it is a gift. I didn’t make you do anything for it. I didn’t ask you to pay it back. I didn’t attach any conditions to it. I just freely gave you a $100.00 bill.

That’s exactly how grace was given to us. We didn’t do anything to get it. There’s nothing we did to earn it. There aren’t any conditions attached to it. God freely gave us the gift of His grace that can only be received by faith. He doesn’t ask us to DO anything to receive it, and He doesn’t attach strings to it to take it back from us. The Bible says that “the gifts of God are without repentance”. That means that God doesn’t give us a gift to turn around and take them away from us.

So when we receive His grace by faith…that means God’s grace is ours. It stays with us, and it’s never taken away from us.

God’s grace is a free gift. When something is free…you cannot earn it, pay for it, and there’s no conditions attached to it. God’s grace is freely given, and all He says is freely receive it by faith.

What then, is there to not understand?