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Welcome to 2012 from Christlike Ministries Arkansas – Bryan Kizer

Greetings to all…and Happy 2012.  I hope y’all had a fantastic Christmas, and New Years.  I hope even more that y’all were able to come to know that family & love ones is really what the Holiday’s are about.  I have come to make some resolutions both for my personal life, and the ministry I’m called to…and I figure that this is a way to test to see if this will actually work along side Facebook.  If it does this will enable me to really work on  some good messages…and that’s the hope with using this blogging site…to be able to more effectively minister.

I have never really made a practice of making resolutions, but I guess I have a few that I can share.  Everything begins with my relationship with God for me.  Whether in my personal life or for my ministry I am always resolving to improve my walk with God.  Everything in life is about relationships, and in addition to improving my relationship with God…I resolve to work to improve my relationships with the people in my life…and simply become the man of God I’m called to become…both to my family, friends & loved ones…and my ministry.  Ya know…the resolution business is pretty simple…I just want to align myself more with God’s will, and become the man He’s called me to be…for my friends, family, and loved ones.

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