God has Given You First Place in His Heart


“God Has Given You First Place In His Heart” (Message 2 of 5) – Give God First Place Series – By Pastor B Continue reading

It’s Not You…It’s Him


“It’s Not You…It’s Him” (Message 2 of 4) The Christmas Story By Pastor B Continue reading

Gracious Gifts Of Our God


“Gracious Gifts Of Our God” Thanksgiving Series (Message 2 of 5) by Pastor B Continue reading

Thy Word Is Truth


“Thy Word Is Truth” By Pastor B Continue reading

There Is No Goodness Apart From God


“There Is No Goodness Apart From God” Believing God Is Good No Matter What (Message 1 of 5) By Pastor B Continue reading

Christlike Ministries NWA November 2015 Newsletter


“Christlike Ministries NWA November 2015 Newsletter” by Pastor B and Christlike Ministries NWA Continue reading

Time To Seek His Will


“Time To Seek His Will” from The Pastor’s Heart by Pastor B. Continue reading

Saturday October 3, 2015


Christlike Ministries NWA Scripture of the Day for Saturday October 3, 2015 Continue reading